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We are a community of caring hearts and thoughtful minds, working to create a better world.

Examining the issues of living

Moral education – learning to be a good person – is a lifelong task. We encourage personal growth through sensitivity to others, critical thinking and developing the courage to act on ethical values.

Deed Before Creed

Each of us has a moral responsibility to help reduce suffering, enhance the quality of life and to contribute to the well-being of society.
Attention: Sunday Platforms will be held Online. Stay Home and Stay Connected

Out of caution for the spread of COVID-19, The Ethical Humanist Society will suspend in-person Sunday meetings.

We will be moving Sunday Meetings to online via Zoom. Zoom software will allow us to stay connected and participate with each other virtually.

If you would like to join us every Sunday at 11:00, please email our office and we will put you on the list.

Doors will open at 10:30. Meeting starts at 11:00.

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Ethical Philosophy

Ethical humanism is a progressive philosophy dedicated to the greater good of humanity. We believe that what we do and how we act in this life is what matters most.
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Ethical Action

Social action is a key part of our mission as Ethical Humanists. We strive to create a more caring world and cherish the earth.


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Ethical Education

We believe that the foundation of an ethical and moral life lies in how we treat others, and that these values are formed in childhood.
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"Humanism is a philosophy of joyous service for the greater good of all humanity, of application of new ideas of scientific progress for the benefit of all."

-- Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize winning scientist

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