Linda NapoliLinda Napoli

Hometown: I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens and presently live in Mineola, NY, a perfect location for going to the beach and enjoying the culture of New York City.

Member of EHSLI since 1983

I was born in 1945, 4 days after WWII ended.  My mother told me that dancing in the street probably brought on her labor. I am the only girl, second born, in a family of six children. I was Cinderella growing up in this traditional Italian family. The culture also included large family gatherings with wonderful food and song. I heard opera from a very early age. My best memories of childhood are being outside skating, running, jumping rope and bouncing my Spaldeen. I wanted to become a teacher the minute I walked into my first grade classroom at the age of 5 and still feel most comfortable with a pen in my hand. I’m married for 45 years to a really cute drummer and have three sons whom I treasure and admire.

What’s your favorite movie/book/play and why?   

Right now, the book is “Flight Behavior” by Barbara Kingsolver.  It’s a great story of a woman’s struggle against her circumstances with a backdrop of climate change in a rural setting.  My favorite movie is West Side Story.

If you were having your last meal on earth what would it be?   

Chicken wings, broccoli slaw and a carrot with Prosecco as the beverage. Dessert would be a hot fudge sundae.

What do you do in your spare time? (e.g., hobbies or other volunteer work) 

Line dancing, folk dancing, swimming, walk with a friend, write and daydream.

What is your favorite thing to do on a weekend?   

Visit with friends or family, go on an outing that involves driving and staying.

What is your ideal vacation? 

Traveling by plane out west or overseas.

What is your favorite quote?  “If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.”   Emily Dickinson

Who is your role model, hero, or inspiration – and why? 

Women who have had the confidence and courage to pursue their dreams and have achieved them.

If you could do one thing over in life, what would it be (or had done that you never did)   

Understand my parents better.

What is one thing you absolutely want to do before you die? 

Take a transatlantic cruise on the Queen Mary.

Why are you a member of EHSLI?   Its philosophy meets my deepest spiritual needs. Every person I’ve met there has taught me something.  To me, we are a real community.